ArtLima 2014


NUBE Gallery features the work of five women artists for the 2014 version of ART LIMA. The fair it is going to take place in Lima, Peru from the 20th to 23erd of March. Watercolors with archetypal themes by Alejandra Alarcon are inspired in family or love relationships; both of them going through crisis trying to find a vortex. Another woman artist is Alejandra Delgado. The mysterious characters in her paintings represent –movie stills. They are paintings from written novels connected, somehow, to the author. Adriana Minoliti is another young Argentinian artist. Her work is the result of her interest in the eroticism and geometry. And it is manifested through paintings and installations. Claudia Joskowicz, award winning artist of the CIFO 2014, has documented the Bolivian daily landscape with her series of photographs and videos. At the same time, she recreates a significant site and event in the recent history of Bolivia: Avenida Alfonso Ugarte. The last artist, Cecila Lampo, reflects on her natural, urban and social environment. And In her series of paintings ‘mythical Countries’ she tries to find the universal inside the particular.