Alejandra Alarcón was born in Cochabamba, Bolivia in 1976

My work focuses on the feminine identity. I wonder along an adjoining terrain in which identity is the result of continuous negotiation amongst people, where “to be” is not something given and immovable but something changeable, as Argullol suggests in his book Filosofía Nómada: “I am the other in me”. I am interested in the so called “isoglosa” zones that separate and join together at the same time subjects, gender (transgender), situations, roles, archetypes, etc.

 I am interested as well in dismantling the bases of imaginaries of the western world, like infantile mythology (fairy tales), which has been created around the family as legitimating institution to society. My interest is to deepen in post-feminism, as this is the base from which I create a new feminine image empowered through seduction, but also dangerous in her castrating maternity.

 Doing the series of “Little Riding Hood, the reddest” (Caperucita, las más roja), I discovered that working with these infantile stories denoted conscious and unconscious contents in the stories, which were related to my own point of view towards moral issues, and with my own personal stories. “Little Red Riding Hood” and “Snow white” (Blanca Nieves) acted as alter-egos who could solve concrete existential dramas I was interested in at that moment, such as: sexuality, mother-daughter relationship, partner relationship, the body, menstruation, etc.

 In the series “The smell of the clan” (El olor del Clan) my starting point is no longer an already constructed iconography (fairy tales). In this case, I create a whole iconography in order to continue expressing my obsessing themes: female identity, the relationship of a woman with her body, gender, mother-son/daughter ties, couple relationships, sexuality, family, stigma of belonging to, the animal and human natures, the ctonic, the dionisiac, the apolineo, the clan. In the “smell of the clan” I use the octopus in order to create, step by step, archetypical characters that represent this personal mythology.