Across the Universe


The exhibition “Across the Universe” brings together two of the most renowned contemporary painters of Bolivia; Keiko Gonzalez and Alex Zapata.

This exhibition is the outcome of a meeting and dialogue between two artists, painters by trade, both known for opposite approaches and styles in their work.

Keiko Gonzalez faithful to the Gestalt, and the primitive – open stain itself. Alex Zapata who began his career as a classical painter with realistic tendencies, but whom in recent years has experimented with new directions and aesthetics in his work; he focuses in detail, the importance of craftsmanship and neat finish.

At the same time, they share similar backgrounds, both born in USA, with an American mother and Bolivian father, both married to Bolivians, living and working in La Paz, Bolivia.

Based on these similarities and differences while maintaining a friendship of many years they decided to meet in joint sessions to shared teachings, compete and dialogue through painting and chose  abstract style to do so.

“Across the Universe” converges in a conversation between opposites; encounter and confrontation.

Questions like: Where are they? Where do they conflict? And where do they mix? Are some of the questions raised by the authors. It’s a friendly, competition in which they try to answer and open new horizons and aesthetics for both, the audience will have the last word.

Opening, October 10, 8 pm

Exhibition until November 15th