Baja Fidelidad


There is always a delicate thread which binds the most complex situations, the most fragile, the most unlikely or consistent with an origin sometimes clearly visible and others, the most intriguing, with a subsurface core which demands a little more than curiosity to discover.

This proposal highlights these subtle ties that go through the process of reinterpretation and dismemberment, breaking free of a center for the reinvention and this time rise from a textual work towards audiovisual proposals or two-dimensional works. These leads are in diverging directions, which can then be returned to the original shape but with the distance traveled object.

The file field is the space in which Delgado rearranges to suit her knowledge interest, facts and elements of a certain age to use them without much reverence as a toolbox obtaining recognizable and distant products, following its continued interest in this other self build order in which the

In fiction is where the most poetic choices are given to the most insensitive realities.

Alejandra Delgado (La Paz, Bolivia)

Lives and Works in Lima , Perú. She graduated from the Fine Arts “Hernando Siles” National Academy of Bolivia and  got her Masters in Photography at the School of Photography EFTI Imaging Center in Madrid. He has done artist residencies in Gallery KIOSKO, Bolivia in 2008 and Can Xalant Centre, Barcelona Spain in 2010. Her work is developed in the medias of video, photography, installation, painting and object . He has presented seven solo shows, the most recent being BAJA FIDELIDAD y NUBE Gallery in Bolivia. He has exhibited collectively since 2002 in countries such as Bolivia, Ecuador, Spain, USA, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Germany, Brazil and Peru.

Opening, July 10, 8 pm

Exhibition until September 12th of 2014