El Sol Oculto y Otras Obras


When I was a man, my wife asked me for a jaguar.
So I saved my money, bought her one, gave it to her for our anniversary.
And then the jaguar ate her.

An exhibition of recent works by the artist, Karsten Krejcarek, who will be exhibiting video and photographs that were primarily created in Bolivia and neighboring countries. The works are concentrated on esoteric narrative, mystical symbolism, exploration of place and natural landscape—including a seven chapter romantic tragedy which explores an allegoric love triangle between a man, woman and tiger.

Karsten Krejcarek (EEUU)

New York-based artist Karsten Krejcarek is a video maker, photographer and sculptor. His work is concentrated on esoteric narrative, mystical symbolism and natural landscape. In recent years, Karsten has been exploring magical and cultural traditions in South America, expanding upon ideas of multiplicity, telepathy, and symbiotic relationships between nature and the unconscious. These concepts have largely influenced his practice and the narrative structures of his work. Karsten received a MFA from Columbia University in 2000, is an adjunct faculty member of NYU, and has regularly exhibited his work over the last 15 years.

Show continues until 30th April 2015