Pre-Opening NUBE Gallery


An exhibition showing the work of 10 international artists working with the gallery, Dot Fiftyone, Guzman / Perelman, Wynwood Miami.

This exhibition brings together a set of 10 artists working in different fields for a utopia of expressions such as drawing, installation, photography, painting and video.

The richness of proposals for the exhibit, carefully investigate encouraging utopias and illusions that are at this time where the world is increasingly interdependent,  with many crisis situations. These are subconciouly applied in each of the artists’ works.

Artist of the exhibtion: Mauro Giaconi, Hernán Cédola, Omar Barquet, Gonzalo Fuenmayor, José Luis Landet, Lelslie Gabaldón, Leonel Matheu, Liliane Eberle, Pepe Lopéz and Raquel Schwartz.

Opening: August 1, 8 pm

Exhibit until Septiember 30th.