Trabajos 2014


Roberto Valcárcel, versatile creator, constantly challenges pre-established ideas in the art market, galleries, institutions and critics.

He insists that neither the title nor the price of the piece and even less the critics’ opinion, can replace the direct assessment and a subjective interpretation of a work of art.

Rather than invite the observer, Valcárcel challenges them to not use these resources or “crutches”. But confront the art work alone, relying on their senses and own psyche. So, they can even find, surprisingly, a sense humour in the works presented.

Roberto Valcarcel

Born in La Paz, Bolivia (1951). Living in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. His area of work is Conceptual Art (Bank of ideas, creative systems, applied creativity, ideas and texts), Visual Arts  (university professor, lecturer and creatic coach) Valcárcel founded the Interplanetary Society of Artists (EMUSA Gallery, La Paz 1984) the Erotic movement (Bienal de Sao Paulo 1983) and the National Bank of Ideas (Santa Cruz 1992).

He has made more than thirty solo exhibitions, among which highlights the work presented at the National Museum of Art (La Paz 1984, 1996) and in four major galleries in the city of La Paz: BHN Foundation Gallery EMUSA. Unique Art Gallery and Sala Guzmán de Rojas.

Opening May 13, 8 pm

Exhibit until June 25th.