Exhibit: Alejandra Delgado

Baja Fidelidad / Low Fidelity

There is always a delicate thread that joins the most complex, fragile, improbable, or consistent situations. Sometimes, they have a clear visible origin. And sometimes they have an intriguing origin demanding more curiosity to discover.

This exhibition highlights these subtle connections, which go through the process of reinterpretation and disintegration in order to go away from the initial idea and reinvent something new. In this proposal the art work rises from a written work towards audiovisual proposals or two-dimensional works. The art work diverges in different directions, but then can return to the original shape.

The field in which Delgado works with is a space rearranged according to her knowledge and interest. She uses, as a tool box, facts and elements of a certain time period and obtains recognizable and aloof products at the same time. In that way, she follows her constant interest on –self-order creations. Wherein the collective wisdom collapses and reappears mutated once time passed.

In fiction is where the most poetic choices are given to the most insensitive realities.


Opening, July 10, 8 pm

Exhibit until September 25th


Exhibit: Roberto Valcarcel

Roberto Valcárcel, versatile creator, constantly challenges the pre-established ideas of the art market, art critics, galleries and institutions.

He insists that neither the title of the piece, or its price, much less the opinion of the critics can replace the direct assessment and a subjective interpretation of a work of art.

Rather than invite the observer, Valcárcel challenges them to not use these resources or “crutches” and confront the art work alone, relying on their own senses and your own psyche, so they can even find, surprisingly, a sense humour in the works presented.

Patricia Tordoir


Opening May 13, 8 pm

Exhibit until June 25th.

ArtLima 2014

NUBE Gallery presents the work of five women artists for the 2014 version of ART LIMA. The fair it is going to take place in Lima, Peru from the 20th to 23erd of March. Watercolors with archetypal themes by Alejandra Alarcon are inspired in family or love relationships; both of them going through crisis trying to find a vortex. Another woman artist is Alejandra Delgado. The mysterious characters in her paintings represent –movie stills. They are paintings from written novels connected, somehow, to the author. Adriana Minoliti is another young Argentinian artist. Her work is the result of her interest in the eroticism and geometry. And it is manifested through paintings and installations. Claudia Joskowicz, award winning artist of the CIFO 2014, has documented the Bolivian daily landscape with her series of photographs and videos. At the same time, she recreates a significant site and event in the recent history of Bolivia: Avenida Alfonso Ugarte. The last artist, Cecila Lampo, reflects on her natural, urban and social environment. And In her series of paintings ‘mythical Countries’ she tries to find the universal inside the particular.


Exhibit: Andres Bedoya

My work investigates the manner in which collective experience, social context and the production of meaning in quotidian existence inform the construction of personal identity over time. Through the reinterpretation of personal and social frameworks, I attempt to create parallel systems that offer new vantage points for reflection about our conditions and how we perceive them and react to them.

The plasticity of memory, the inconsistency of self-perception and the body’s engagement with time are also concerns found in my work. I reflect on the strategies we employ to engage, counter or control these phenomena. Be it behavioral, social, or institutional, I am interested in observing and recreating the failure of actions, exercises and structures devised to create order, balance and permanence.

As a result of these interests I am drawn to the materiality of daily life and what it reveals about the people’s experience. Even the most visual aspects of my work express a tactile and sensorial curiosity. 


Opening March 14, 8 pm

Exhibit until April 28th.

JustMad5 2014

NUBE Gallery will be in the new edition of –JUSTMAD5 in Spain. It is a risky and experimental art fair entirely dedicated to local and international emerging artists. But also to the art that is consolidated right now.  JUSTMAD5 offers an overview of galleries and artists from all around the world. The fair shows the art work and the way in which art operates today.  It looks forward excellence in the conceptual and aesthetic expression of art, which makes the contemporary art today.

NUBE Gallery presents two artists` art work for the 2014 JUSTMAD5 version. The fair is going to be in Madrid, Spain from February 19th to the 23th. Liliana Zapata, a young talented Bolivian artist, is participating in JUSTRESIDENCE. This is an important space that shows South American young artists´ art work, with a strong international prospect. It consists on the presentation of a series of new pieces and projects made during a past residency in Spain.

Likewise, Oscar Abraham Pabón, a Venezuelan artist and architect who currently lives and works in Amsterdam, it is going to be present in JUSTMAD5 fair. His work is based on structural aspects that give meaning and utility to determined shapes in our culture –the objects and logics in an everyday life.


Exhibit: Elba Bairon

Elba Bairon will exhibit for the first time in her native country. She will bring some of her work from Argentina. She worked in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

Opening, December 12, 8 pm

Exhibit until February 28th.

Pinta New York 2013

Nube gallery propone para esta versión de Pinta NY 2013 a 4 artistas de Bolivia y Argentina. La idea de “geometría expandida” es lo que reúne esta selección de artistas. Las esculturas en papel de Liliana Zapata (Bolivia), las pieles de animales de Andrés Bedoya (Bolivia), los dibujos coloridos sobre papel de Adriana Minoliti ( Argentina), junto a los objetos de Douglas Rodrigo Rada (Bolivia) se ponen en sintonía con la intención de crear diálogos desde las formas, la geométrica y las distintas capas de “pieles” que hoy conforman el universo contemporáneo del arte y sus distintas posibilidades.

Exhibit: Keiko González + Alex Zapata

The exhibition “Across the Universe” brings together two of the most renowned contemporary painters of Bolivia; Keiko Gonzalez and Alex Zapata.

This exhibition is the outcome of a meeting and dialogue between two artists, painters by trade, both known for opposite approaches and styles in their work.

Keiko Gonzalez faithful to the Gestalt, and the primitive – open stain itself. Alex Zapata who began his career as a classical painter with realistic tendencies, but whom in recent years has experimented with new directions and aesthetics in his work; he focuses in detail, the importance of craftsmanship and neat finish.

At the same time, they share similar backgrounds, both born in USA, with an American mother and Bolivian father, both married to Bolivians, living and working in La Paz, Bolivia.

Based on these similarities and differences while maintaining a friendship of many years they decided to meet in joint sessions to shared teachings, compete and dialogue through painting and chose  abstract style to do so.

“Across the Universe” converges in a conversation between opposites; encounter and confrontation.

Questions like: Where are they? Where do they conflict? And where do they mix? Are some of the questions raised by the authors. It’s a friendly, competition in which they try to answer and open new horizons and aesthetics for both, the audience will have the last word.



Opening, October 10. 8 pm

Exhibit until November 15th

Pre-Opening NUBE Gallery

Selected Dot Fiftyone´s artists group exhibition to celebrate the inauguration Nube Gallery in Santa Cruz – Bolivia.

An exhibition showing the work of 10 international artists working with the gallery, Dot Fiftyone, Guzman / Perelman, Wynwood Miami.

This exhibition brings together a set of 10 artists working in different fields for a utopia of expressions such as drawing, installation, photography, painting and video.

The richness of proposals for the exhibit, carefully investigate encouraging utopias and illusions that are at this time where the world is increasingly interdependent,  with many crisis situations. These are subconciouly applied in each of the artists’ works.

Artist of the exhibtion: Mauro Giaconi, Hernán Cédola, Omar Barquet, Gonzalo Fuenmayor, José Luis Landet, Lelslie Gabaldón, Leonel Matheu, Liliane Eberle, Pepe Lopéz and Raquel Schwartz.

Pre- Opening August 1st, 8 pm

Exhibition until September 30th, 2013