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My work investigates the manner in which collective experience, social context and the production of meaning in quotidian existence inform the construction of personal identity over time. Through the reinterpretation of personal and social frameworks, I attempt to create parallel systems that offer new vantage points for reflection about our conditions and how we perceive them and react to them.

The plasticity of memory, the inconsistency of self-perception and the body’s engagement with time are also concerns found in my work. I reflect on the strategies we employ to engage, counter or control these phenomena. Be it behavioral, social, or institutional, I am interested in observing and recreating the failure of actions, exercises and structures devised to create order, balance and permanence.
As a result of these interests I am drawn to the materiality of daily life and what it reveals about the people’s experience. Even the most visual aspects of my work express a tactile and sensorial curiosity.

Andres Bedoya

The artist was born in La Paz and currently lives and works between this city and New York. In his artistic practice he explores and experiments with various means of expression; video, photography, sculpture, installation and drawing. Bedoya is a contemporary artist who breaks with academics; his work involves NO shape, style or technique; considering rather the creation from the reinterpretation and redefinition of personal and social environment.

Andres says that his work is generally a reflection on identity, understood as self-perception and as an external-contextual phenomenon; memory; its materiality and plasticity; the body as a process, not as a static object; the link between trauma, time and creative development. The concept of the formation is not only personal, he says, but also collective, and there are parallel systems of the body and identity in which we see ourselves; only in this reflection we have an objective view of who we are.

Only seeing from outside, in this reflection, we can understand concretely our own experiences. Assessing the collective and universality o we can also understand our environment and our place. These understandings, in the work of Bedoya, manifest themselves through certain trends; for example, in the gesture of repetition as routine examination; using perishable or fleeting materials, such as fruit peels; inquiring the beauty in the rawness.

Opening March 14, 8 pm

Exhibit until April 28th.

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